Coping with conflict and stress

Growing Resilience is a self-awareness course that considers encountering conflict and stress in everyday life, as a certain inevitability.

The programme shows the participants how to grow a mental health toolkit to become more resilient and be better able to cope with times of chaos and deal with conflict pro-actively, focussing on a positive future situation.

Who’s it for?

Trainees & Employees

Maintain a positive ‘one team, one machine’ approach through developing a wellbeing culture.

Line Managers

Engage managers to support and develop their teams through inclusive and compassionate leadership approaches.

HR Teams

Develop holistic approaches to wellbeing in order to minimise absences and disciplinary interventions. 

Providing access to skills and training for people experiencing crisis and personal challenges are essential to enabling people to make positive choices to transform their lives. Growing Resilience deliver this with exceptional creativity, flexibility and through a person centred, strengths-based approach which is essential to delivering positive outcomes for those we support.

Patrick O'DowdDirector, Caritas Diocese of Salford

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